LAS POSADAS es el nombre con que se conoce la celebración de la novena navideña celebrada en muchos países latinoamericanos y en las comunidades hispanas de los Estados Unidos. Las Posadas dan inicio el 16 de diciembre, nueve días antes de la Navidad del Señor, y se caracterizan por un caminar de fe y alegría compartiendo por familiares, amigos y vecinos. Te gustaría aprender más acerca de Las Posadas? Acompáñanos a celebrar juntos el nacimiento de Jesucristo de esta manera especial.

In the External link opens in new tab or windowMexican Christmas tradition known as External link opens in new tab or windowLas Posadas, participants re-enact Mary and Joseph's search for shelter in Bethlehem on each of the nine nights leading up to Christmas (from December 16th until the 24th). The song known in Spanish as "Canto Para Pedir Posada" is a vital part of the tradition. The title means "song to ask for shelter." and it recreates an imagined conversation between Joseph and an innkeeper in which Joseph explains that he and his wife need a place to stay for the night and the innkeeper initially refuses.

Outside the door of the dulling, the guests begin to sing the traditional song to ask for a place to stay. The verses of the song are sung alternately by those outside and those inside the dulling. Those outside sing the words of Joseph requesting shelter for the night. The people within respond, singing the part of the innkeeper who says there is no room. Just before the final verse, the door is opened and those outside enter the home while everyone sings the final verse together.

After the religious service, the hosts distribute food to their guests and then comes the breaking of the pinata, by the children.

Las Posadas 2016

Posadas are an important part of Mexican Christmas celebrations. The word posada means “inn” or “shelter” in Spanish, and these celebrations recreate Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem . Posadas are held on each of the nine nights leading up to Christmas, from December 16 to 24th.

Posadas are held in neighborhoods across Mexico and are also becoming popular in the United States . The celebration consists of a procession with candles, sometimes with individuals selected to play the parts of Mary and Joseph, or sometimes images are carried. The procession will make its way to a particular home (a different one each night), where a special song is sung. In this song those outside the house sing the part of Joseph asking for shelter and the family inside responds singing the part of the innkeeper saying that there is no room. The song switches back and forth a few times until finally the innkeeper decides to let them in. The door is opened and everyone goes inside.

Inside the house there is a celebration which can vary from a very big fancy party to a small get-together among friends. Often the festivities begin with a short Bible reading and prayer. Then the hosts give the guests food, usually tamales and a hot drink – like ponche or atole. Then there are piñatas and the children are given candy.

The nine nights of posadas leading up to Christmas are said to represent the nine months that Jesus spent in Mary’s womb, or alternatively, to represent nine days journey to Bethlehem.

The original piñata was shaped like a star with seven points. The points represented the External link opens in new tab or windowseven deadly sins, and the bright colors of the piñata symbolize temptation. The blindfold represents faith and the stick is virtue or the will to overcome sin. The candies and other goodies inside the piñata are the riches of the kingdom of heaven. Thus teaching that with faith and virtue one could overcome sin and receive all the rewards of heaven.